Whipped Cream Sweetened with Maple!

Fresh Whipped Cream 1

Okay, I know what y’all are thinking, “whipped cream isn’t that hard to make!” True. πŸ™‚ But I often post pictures of my coffee creations on instagram and am always asked for my whipped cream recipe. So, here it is! About 3 years ago we decided to move away from refined sugar as much as possible and started using pure maple syrup for much of our baking and sweetening. At first I was extremely skeptical but since the first taste I can say it doesn’t get much better than pure maple in freshly whipped cream! Delicious on coffee, fresh strawberries, or(if your like me) just by the spoonful! πŸ˜‰


Yields 2 or more cups whipped cream


  • 1 cup Fresh Heavy Cream
  • 3-4 TBS Pure Maple{I use 3 but if you prefer less/more sweet adjust accordingly!}


  1. Place cream and maple syrup in mixer bowl and beat on high until fluffy and stiff peaks form!
  2. ENJOY!

Fresh Whipped Cream

Fresh Whipped Cream 2

3 thoughts on “Whipped Cream Sweetened with Maple!

  1. somethingsage says:

    I love maple syrup. Love it. And your photography. And your blogs. I miss your blogs. And you. Maybe sometime soon we will get together and eat maple whipped cream. Yes!

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